BOOM! Time to make some gravy.

Either make gravy, or make some side gravy.  Take a moment and see if any of these proven alternate money making techniques will work for you.


  1. Drive for Lyft (then get big bonus for switching to Uber)
  2. Drive for Uber during SURGE x9 rates
  3. Qualify for Class Action Lawsuits
  4. Creating content for youtube
  5. Recruiting Drivers for Uber 
  6. Give away Free Nights on AirBnB
  7. Sell your photos (even mobile phone photos)
  8. Rent your car or give away Free Car Rental
  9. Give away UBER Rides
  10. Give away Lyft Rides
  11. Send a quarter to say Hi
  12. Promote Uber Eats use code eats-uberpoker
  13. Learn to code
  14. Give away HBO

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